Prof Andre La Gerche MBBS, PhD

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Andre la Gerche, St Vincents

Prof Andre La Gerche MBBS, PhD

I have spent the last 15 years involved in research aiming to understand heart function during exercise in the spectrum from sevre disease through elite athletes. I currently lead the HEART Lab (Heart, Exercise, and Research Trials) at St Vincent’s Institute in Melbourne Australia where we continue to develop and use some of the most innovative exercise echocardiography and exercise MRI techniques.

I have predominantly relied on Lode ergometers.  My initial tools were a Lode Excalibur for cardiopulmonary exercise testing and a semi-supine exercise echocardiography ergometer. They have never failed.  In fact, I have sometimes questioned the business model of Lode because the equipment is so robust that it never needs replacing. The electronic braking, user interface and software are intuitive and bullet proof.

In 2010 I initiated a program of exercise cardiac magnetic resonance imaging whilst based in Leuven, Belgium.  Lode were essentially the only company investing in trying to develop exercise CMR ergometers given the constraints of avoiding interference with strong magnetic fields. We have used the same ergometer to perform more than 2000 exercise MRI scans.

We are currently undertaking a long-term cohort study of cardiovascular function in elite athletes (the Pro@Heart study) that will require precise and reproducible exercise measures over more than 20 years.  The reliability of Lode’s equipment is indispensable for our long-term assessment of heart rhythm disorders in athletes.

Lode’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our dedication to pushing the boundaries of cardiovascular research. The reliability, precision, and adaptability of Lode’s Ergometer have surpassed our expectations.

Prof Andre La Gerche MBBS, PhD

“I have predominantly relied on Lode ergometers. They have never failed, are intuitive and bullet proof.”