Martijn van Hooff, Dr. – Máxima Medisch Centrum

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Testimonial van Hooff

Martijn van Hooff, Dr. – Máxima Medisch Centrum

Patients with flow-limitations in the iliac arteries (FLIA) complain from pain and powerlessness during maximal exercise. As such, we used the Lode Excalibur sport with pedal power measurement possibility to diagnose one-sided FLIA. We recently started a new research to look at individual power patterns to possibly identify FLIA in patients with complaints in both sides.

Lode is the standard in ergometry in medicine. We endorse the cooperation with Lode, and fruitful meetings to improve our research in this rare occupational disease.


  • Iliac artery flow limitations in athletes – Novel diagnostics, efficacy and safety after surgery
  • van Hooff, M. et al. (2020) Sport-related femoral artery occlusion detected by near-infrared spectroscopy and pedal power measurements: A case report,” The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 49(2), pp. 241–244

Martijn van Hooff, Dr. – Máxima Medisch Centrum

“We detect sport-related vascular problems in athletes using pedal power measurements of the Lode Excalibur Sport PFM”