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Lode hardware and safety

As you can see above, our sports medicine product line includes treadmill ergometers, a bicycle ergometer, and an arm ergometer which are designed to handle the high performance demands of athletes and medical professionals. Therefore, our treadmill ergometers, for example, can reach speeds up to 40 km/h and offer positive and negative elevations. These features makes them ideal for high-intensity testing and training. To ensure athlete safety during these tests, we’ve the option to implement a fall stop system for our Valiant Sport treadmill ergometer. Furthermore, the Valiant Ultra model includes additional safety features such as an emergency button and standard features a safety lanyard.

Lode Software in combination with sport medicine

The Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) is a crucial software package for medical professionals, crafted to effortlessly control Lode ergometers and precisely monitor ergometric parameters in test subjects. This advanced software offers a versatile toolkit, allowing operators to program protocols, exert precise ergometer control, visualize data, securely save and analyze results, and generate customized PDF reports.

Pedal Force measurement software

We offer software solutions that are fully integrated with our sports medicine equipment, such as the Excalibur and Brachumera ergometer. These products could feature modified strain gauge technology that measures pedal forces and angles. This pedal force measurement (PFM) system allows for independent measurements of left and right crank forces. The data is wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to a PC. Therefore, providing valuable information on an athlete’s strength, power output, and muscle fatigue.

The functionality of the Lode products can be enhanced considerably. Therefore, we made our own software; Lode Ergometry Manager Software. By integrating the software you will be able to use the equipment to its fullest potential.


965910 Excalibur Sport

Excalibur Sport

Excalibur Sport PFM

Excalibur Sport with Pedal Force Measurement

Valiant 2 Sport


Lode Ergometry Manager – LEM 10

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Katana Sport

Valiant Ultra

Valiant Ultra 300

Valiant Ultra

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Valiant Ultra

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Brachumera Sport

Brachumera sport with Pedal Force Measurement

Esseda wheelchair ergometer with wheeler


Other categories

In addition to our sports medicine equipment, we offer a wide range of medical ergometry products tailored to specific segments, including rehabilitation, cardio-pulmonary, and imaging. Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of each segment. To learn more about our offerings for these segments, please select your preferred category below.

Sports medicine

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injuries and medical conditions related to physical activity and sports. Therefore, it combines elements of sports science, exercise physiology, orthopedics, and rehabilitation to address the unique needs of athletes and active individuals.

Why is it important for athletes?

Sports medicine can help improve the abilities of an athlete in several ways. Firstly, it helps to prevent injuries by identifying any underlying medical conditions or risk factors that could lead to injury. By addressing these issues early on, athletes can avoid long-term injuries and remain in peak physical condition.

Secondly, sports medicine professionals can develop personalized training and rehabilitation programs that are tailored to an athlete’s specific needs and abilities. This can help them to improve their strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall performance.

Finally, sports medicine can also help athletes recover from injuries and return to their sport more quickly and safely. By providing the right treatment and rehabilitation, athletes can regain their strength, mobility, and confidence and get back to their sport at their best level. Overall, sports medicine plays a crucial role in helping athletes achieve their highest potential level.

Sport medicine focus of Lode

Having sports medicine equipment that is specifically designed to handle extreme workloads and high performance demands is crucial for the sports medicine segment. Because athletes who compete at the professional level push their bodies to the limit, which can result in injuries and medical conditions that require specialized treatment. Sports medicine professionals need equipment that can provide accurate and reliable results in these situations and stay stable without having people to hold onto the equipment.

Additionally, top athletes and their supervisors demand equipment that can keep up with their training and performance needs. Therefore, they require products that can handle the rigorous demands of professional sports, such as endurance testing, advanced rehabilitation, and precise measurements of physical abilities. Having access to specialized sports medicine equipment that can deliver accurate results in these areas is essential for helping athletes reach their highest potential level.

Maxima Medisch Centrum (MMC)


Lode is the standard in Ergometry in medicine. We endorse the cooperation with Lode, and fruitful meetings to improve our research in this rare occupational disease.

“Lode is the standard in Ergometry in medicine. We endorse the cooperation with Lode, and fruitful meetings to improve our research in this rare occupational disease.“

Patients with flow-limitations in the iliac arteries (FLIA) complain from pain and powerlessness during maximal exercise. As such, we used the Lode Excalibur sport with pedal power measurement possibility to diagnose one-sided FLIA. We recently started a new research to look at individual power patterns to possibly identify FLIA in patients with complaints in both sides. Our goal is to detect sport-related vascular problems in athletes using pedal power measurements.

Sports Medicine

Which tests can be done with Lode sports medicine equipment?

The Excalibur Sport and Brachumera allow for various test to be performed, including:

Wingate Sprint Test

The Wingate sprint test is a measure of anaerobic power and capacity. It involves a 30-second all-out effort on the Excalibur and Brachumera against a set resistance. The test measures peak power output, mean power output, and fatigue index. For these reasons, it is often used in sports that require short, high-intensity efforts such as sprinting and powerlifting.

Isokinetic Tests

Isokinetic testing is a type of muscle strength assessment that measures the maximum force that a muscle can produce at different joint angles. This test is typically performed with a specialized machine, like the Excalibur Sport or the Brachumera that controls the speed and watts. Isokinetic testing is commonly used in sports medicine to evaluate and monitor muscle strength and imbalances (when working with pedal force measurement).

High-Intensity Tests (HIT)

High-Intensity Testing (HIT) is a form of exercise testing that involves repeated high-intensity efforts over short periods of time. It is commonly used to assess an individual’s anaerobic capacity and endurance. HIT may involve repeated sprints, shuttle runs, or other high-intensity exercises. These test can also be performed on the Excalibur Sport or Brachumera.

Time Trials

A time trial is a performance test in which an athlete competes against the clock to complete a set distance in the shortest possible time. Time trials are commonly used in endurance sports such as cycling, running, and rowing to assess an athlete’s aerobic capacity and fitness level.

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)

CPET testing is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s cardiorespiratory fitness. The test involves measuring the individual’s oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production, heart rate, and other physiological responses during exercise. Therefore, CPET testing is commonly used in sports medicine, rehabilitation, and research to evaluate an individual’s exercise capacity, identify any underlying medical conditions, and develop personalized training programs.

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User experiences of our customers

“We detect sport-related vascular problems in athletes using pedal power measurements of the Lode Excalibur Sport PFM”

Martijn van Hooff, Dr. – Máxima Medisch Centrum

Human Movement Scientist
Testimonial van Hooff
“The Brachumera Sport can be used within a wide range of settings, from early rehabilitation to athlete sports”

Brachumera UMCG – Cassandra Kraaijenbrink

Research Coordinator/Lecturer
Testimonial van Hooff

Martijn van Hooff, Dr. – Máxima Medisch Centrum


Brachumera UMCG – Cassandra Kraaijenbrink