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Products and software to support cardio pulmonary

Our products are tailored to provide the most reliable cardio pulmonary exercise tests available. For example, our ergometers have been calibrated by numerous professionals who confirmed that they have exceptional reliability throughout the complete workload and rpm range, even after many years of frequent use.

Lode’s Corival bicycle ergometer is globally recognized as one of the most popular ergometers available. Its low start-up load of 7 watts is exceptional and sets it apart from other ergometers on the market. The Corival CPET comes standard with a communication module. Therefore, making it effortless to control by many known stress ECG and pulmonary devices worldwide.

We also offer our Valiant, a treadmill specifically designed for cardio-pulmonary exercise testing. This treadmill is standard supplied with a communication module. Therefore, it can be easily controlled by many known stress ECG and pulmonary devices in the world. The low step-up makes the treadmill perfectly suitable for all test subjects in the field of cardiology and pulmonary function.

The Corival Recumbent CPET by Lode is a globally recognized, reliable recumbent bicycle ergometer. With an exceptional low start-up load of 7 watts and a standard communication module, it seamlessly integrates with stress ECG and pulmonary devices worldwide. Renowned for its durability and precision.

Lode’s Angio CPET ergometer is a compact and versatile solution that can be used for both arm and supine ergometry. However, the recumbent might be a better fit for supine ergometry. As a result, making it ideal for sectors or patients where standard equipment cannot be used. It operates within the 7-1000 watt range and comes with a communication module that makes it easy to control with any known stress ECG and pulmonary devices worldwide. Its reliability and adaptability make it a valuable asset for any medical facility.



Corival CPET

Corival Recumbent cpet

Corival Recumbent CPET

938900 Valiant 2 cpet

Valiant 2 CPET

967900 - Angio CPET - single set

Angio CPET – single set

967902 - Angio CPET - with static wall fixation

Angio CPET – with static wall fixation

967903 - Angio CPET - with electrical adjustable wall fixation

Angio CPET – with electrical adjustable wall fixation

967904 - Angio CPET - with automatic stand

Angio CPET – with automatic stand

Corival Pediatric Lode ergometry

Corival Pediatric


Valiant 2 Pediatric



We offer many pulmonary-specific hardware options, so medical professionals can choose the most comfortable option for their patient needs.

Lode had two bicycle ergometers designed for CPET: the Corival, which is the standard ergometer and more commonly used. Secondly, the Corival Recumbent, which is designed for patients who may be less familiar with cycling or have difficulty sitting on the standard Corival. The Recumbent can accommodate test subjects up to 300 kg and can be easily positioned using the electric adjustable seat making it a great option for elderly, obese, or less active patients.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to cardio pulmonary exercise testing. For that reason Lode designed the Valiant treadmill with a low step-up height and various safety options. The treadmill can be equipped with fixed or adjustable handrails, an entrance plate for easier access, a safety belt, and a fall stop feature. These safety options are intended to not only make the patient more comfortable during exercise testing but also ensure their safety throughout the entire process.

The Angio CPET ergometer offers various fixation options. For example, the Angio CPET single set which is easy to connect for use in different locations. Additionally, you can choose to buy it so it can be fixed to a static wall, with an electrically adjustable wall fixation or with an automatic stand, making it a versatile unit suitable for both arm and leg ergometry.


The cardio pulmonary devices Lode are able to connect with ECG and pulmonary devices. The USB and RS232 connectors make this possible.

Our CPET devices have many options you can add on. As a result, it is possible to perform measurements like SP02, heartrate and blood pressure.

SpO2 stands for peripheral capillary oxygen saturation. The SP02 measurement that Lode offers is device that clips onto a person’s finger. The SpO2 level is expressed as a percentage and indicates which provides an indirect measurement of arterial oxygenation.

The heart rate option displays the heart rate in beats per minute on the control unit of treadmill models and ergometers. Additionally, the connectivity capability allows the heart rate to be received wirelessly up to 10 meters away without any interference.

The blood pressure monitor is specifically designed for measuring blood pressure during physical activity. The monitor uses the original auscultatory Korotkov/Riva-Rocci method for both stress and resting BP measurements. The powerful pump ensures fast and accurate measurement, while the built-in speaker clearly reproduces original Korotkoff sounds. The monitor can perform a measurement in as little as 30 seconds and does not require an ECG trigger for reliable readings. Although, one is available if desired.

High quality with top results in accuracy. Other expertise

Aside from our cardio pulmonary equipment, we offer a wide range of medical ergometry products designed for specific segments, including rehabilitation, imaging, and sports medicine. Our products are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each segment, whether you need equipment for exercise testing or stress analysis. In short, to explore our offerings further, please select your preferred category below.


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Cardio Pulmonary

What is cardio pulmonary?

Cardio pulmonary (also known as cardiopulmonary) refers to the heart and lungs, which are two essential organs that work together to provide oxygen to the body and remove carbon dioxide. The term cardio pulmonary is often used in the context of medical testing and exercise physiology. It refers to equipment and procedures that measure the function and performance of the heart and lungs during physical activity.

What is cardio pulmonary testing?

Cardio pulmonary testing (CPET) is a type of medical test that evaluates how well the heart and lungs are working together during exercise. CPET is a non-invasive test that is often used to diagnose and evaluate the severity of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Also, to determine the fitness level of athletes. During a CPET, a patient will typically perform incremental exercise on a stationary bike or treadmill while connected to various sensors that measure heart rate, oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide output, and other physiological parameters. The results of a CPET can provide valuable information about a patient’s cardiovascular and respiratory function, as well as their overall health and fitness.

What is the goal of CPET?

CPET is important because it provides valuable information about the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems during exercise. It can help identify the presence and severity of various diseases or conditions. For example, heart failure, COPD, asthma, and other respiratory or cardiovascular disorders. CPET can also help determine a patient’s fitness level and develop individualized exercise programs. The data gathered from CPET can be used to guide treatment decisions, monitor disease progression, and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

Cardio pulmonary focus of Lode

Lode understands the importance of providing medical professionals with dependable equipment that can withstand the rigors of frequent use. That’s why we take pride in producing ergometers that not only meet but exceed specifications, ensuring that our products provide consistent and accurate results for years to come. With Lode, medical professionals can trust that they are using the most reliable ergometers for their cardio pulmonary exercise testing needs.