Productafbeelding Upgrade to LEM 10 (from V9)

Upgrade to LEM 10 (from V9)

Part number: 955800
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Easy to install

– Simple step by step installer
– Easy setup of ergometers
– Easy setup of subjects


Original Accessory

Accessory designed and manufactured according to the Lode company quality standards

HL7 compatible

Specific data and reports can be exchanged with hospital information systems according to the HL7 standard

OS compatibility LEM X

– Microsoft Windows 7
– Microsoft Windows 8
– Microsoft Windows 10

Backwards compatible with previous LEM versions

LEM 10 is compatible with LEM 6, 7, 8 and 9. This means that the database of these versions can be imported and used in LEM 10.

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HL7 compatibleHL7 compatible
Microsoft Windows 8compatible with Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7compatible with Microsoft Windows 7


Manual LEM English

Manual LEM German

Frequently asked questions

Can the Wingate Software be purchased at a later time?

Yes, this is possible. Contact your local supplier for more information.

What is your LEM upgrade policy?

In case LEM has been upgraded within 12 months after purchasing LEM and a new module is ordered, the customer may also receive a free new version of LEM. If a new module is ordered more than 12 months after purchasing LEM and LEM has been upgraded in the meantime the customer will have to order a new version of LEM as well with the module.

LEM software can only be upgraded by 1 Version: this means that only LEM V8 can be upgraded to LEM V9. For other upgrades, contact our service department at

LEM Support: All delivered LEM software will be supported for 12 months after delivery. Within this period new updates are available for free on the Lode website.

Why should I upgrade from LEM V9 to LEM V10

LEM 10 has been redesigned from the ground up.
A complete redesign of the workflow makes your activities more efficient
Automatic detection of connected devices allows for easy connection and detection.

For Excalibur:
– visualisation of saddle and handlebar adjustment.

For PFM (Pedal Force Measurement):
– new visualisation of PFM data in a polar diagram (Force, Torque, Load) for single, combined and added sides.
– easy zoom in on Area’s of Interest
– easy link to other data
– easy zeroing with feedback.

For Wingate
– PP5