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Smart heart rate

Part number: 945833
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Heartrate available within an extreme wide range

This option gives the heart rate in beats per minute on the display of the control unit and offers the possibility of heart rate controlled testing or exercising on all treadmill models and ergometers. The heart rate can be received over a long distance, up till 10 meters, without interference.

The test person wears a belt with a sensor (belt not included). It can only be ordered in combination with the (Programmable) control units with touchscreen (945814/5 and 945834/5).

Please note that this option is NOT suitable for triggering of Blood Pressure measurement. If you want to measure the HR in combination with the BP, you can use the HR signal of the custom pack (#945888). The Smart HR option is not possible then.

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Maximum heartrate 240 bpm BPM range
Minimum heartrate 15 bpm BPM Range

Minimum System Requirements

Maximum distance from receiver 1000 cm Maximum distance

Frequently asked questions

Which brands can be used for Smart Heart Rate in combination with Lode Devices?

Our Smart Heart Rate option is compatible with the following brands:

Polar H10
Polar H9
Polar Verity
MoveSense medical
Tunturi HR belt

As soon as we are able to connect with other brands as well, it will be added to this FAQ and to the description of the Smart Heartrate option on the website as well.

Is it possible to measure heart rate when testing with the Valiant or the Katana?

Yes, to measure heart rate on the treadmills you can use the Smart heart rate option (945833). With this option we can easily cover the range between the receiver and the belt for a stable heart rate measurement.
Note: the 945833 cannot be used as trigger for the blood pressure measurement module.

Is Lode recommending special disinfection procedures for the Lode products due to COVID-19?

Yes, Due to the fact that the scientific research on the spread of Covid-19 is not yet conclusive Lode recommends to disinfect and clean all Lode products and their accessories (cuffs, heart rate belts, SpO2 sensors, handgrips/rails, touchscreens etc) that are in contact with the patient and or the medical personnel with a standard disinfectant as used in the hospital before and after every patient, with attention and care!

Since these agents are sometimes aggressive it might be advisable to check the effect on sensitive surfaces, like cushioning on non-visible areas. Lode will not take responsibility for discoloration due to these agents.