Productafbeelding Small Fixation Set for Instrument Rail

Small Fixation Set for Instrument Rail

Part number: 967820
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For smaller examination tables of 580 - 855 mm

This set is developed for placement of the Angio ergometer on smaller examination tables that have a standard instrument side rail of 25×10 mm. The adjustability range is 580 – 855 mm (width) and 20-120 mm (height).

This instrument rail replaces the wider fixation set that comes standard with the #967925.

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maximum table width 855 mm (33.66 inch) maximum distance between the outside of the instrument rails on a patient table
minimum table width 580 mm (22.83 inch) minimum distance between the outside of the instrument rails on a patient table


Simulator of 7 inch display, V1.0.39

Dimension pictures

Mounting dimensions fixation set 917905

Dimensions of the Angio (3.5 inch screen)

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to request RPM and Load data through the RS232 port while cycling in Manual mode.

Yes you can request the actual pedalling speed and power when you are cycling in Manual, Analogue or Terminal mode.
The load will only be returned when the pedalling speed is 30 RPM or more. For technical details see the Lode RS232 protocol

To which size instrument rail can an Angio with fixation set be fixed?

The typical size for an instrument rail is 25 * 10 mm. The fixation set will fit that size.

Can I use a RS232 to USB converter to connect an ergometer?

Yes you can. Make sure the chipset used in the converter is from FTDI to have good data acquisition.
Not sure what this means? Contact us and we will help you to get the right converter.

Can I loop Lode rehab products easily?

Yes! It is very easy to create a comfortable rehab setting with Lode rehab products by looping the ergometers:

The first Lode rehab ergometer can be connected to the PC with LCRM with a Lode proprietary network to PC cable (#930930).
The second product up till the last product can be connected to the previous one, a bus network configuration.

The last product always needs a termination plug to avoid interference and loss of data. All Lode rehab products come standard with such a termination plug.

– Flawless data connection
– High bandwidth
– No interference of COM ports
– Looping
– Full access of all data in the product to LCRM