Productafbeelding Lode (Cardiac) Rehab Manager – additional license

Lode (Cardiac) Rehab Manager – additional license

Part number: 950906
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Versatile data and ergometer management

Additional license for the using the Lode (Cardiac) Rehab Manager Software on multiple ergometers, including a 5 meter cat5 cable.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I upgrade from LEM 8 to LEM 9?

Version 9 of the LEM software added the following list of new features and improvements in comparison to version 8

Main adaptations and features
Software installation has made easy through a single installation CD, upgrades can be activated by just ordering the additional license that will be provided to you by E-mail.
Target Distance and Energy is implemented as a protocol stage. A target distance or energy level can be defined for each test subject to perform during the test.
Support for PWC (Physical Work Capacity) protocols. The Physical Work Capacity protocol can be used for different custom defined target heart rates. When the selected heart rate is reached the protocol will go to the recovery stage.
Heart rate controlled protocol stage for treadmills are possible now when the treadmill is equipped with the heart rate option
A new start tool for the Module Wingate plus is developed. It is possible now to define a pedal frequency (rpm) to start the wingate sprint test when this rpm is reached. When a test subject is speeding up during the count down phase this feature can be used.
In stead of programming body weight protocols for every separate body weight it is possible now to create body weight controlled bicycle protocol steps, as a percentage of the body weight. These protocols can be used for test subjects with a different body weight.
The new Protocol wizard will help to create protocols simply and quick. Normal Step, interval and bodyweight controlled (only bicycle) protocols can be created for the ergometers and treadmills
Protocols can be stored in folders, a menu structure for each purpose or group of test subjects can be created
The well known protocol developed by the World Health Organization is standard included in LEM as WHO protocol, 25 Watt/min
To adjust the workload or speed/slope manually during the exercise test it is possible now to enter the desired value in addition to up/down arrow buttons.
In the Test subject database a new field is created for the fat percentage. This data can be used by the LEM Astrand module in the Astrand statistics
The ergometer tree in the application is constructed directly from the license file
A new visualization is implemented: METS the metabolic equivalent for the resting metabolic rate
A demo mode can be found standard in the LEM database: a test from the database is used as data source for a new test. This enables LEM demonstrations without use of an ergometer.
In addition to the step time the new time to next stage counter is shown in the numeric bar.
The German translation of the LEM software is available now

Further smaller enhancements
In addition to the relative steps of the user defined protocols the Protocol Editor is enhanced: The user can now enter absolute load/speed/slope
When the SPO2 option is used for the heart rate results in LEM the Graphs of measurement series will be interrupted if SPO2 or heart rate data is missing. In earlier versions of LEM the graph show vertical lines each time the data was missing.
Thickness of lines in printed graphs has been increased.
The logical order of buttons in toolbar (next stage, previous stage, go to recovery, …) has been improved.

Other changes
A pause of a test now pauses protocol execution while data acquisition continues.
Minimum duration of Wingate test reduced to 3 seconds. The original Wingate protocol is defining a sprint stage of 30 seconds. For research however it is necessary to be able to define very small sprint durations
Improved interface for editing remarks in analysis

Why should I upgrade from LEM 7 to LEM 8?

Upgrading from Lode Ergometry manager 7 to 8 delivers you the following improvements

New Adaptations and Features
Support for SQL Server (express) 2005 for data storage. Storage in a local access file is still supported (and is the default).
Distance visualization for treadmills is implemented.

Further smaller enhancements
Software is now compatible with OS Microsoft Windows 7
Higher performance importing test. More tests can be imported in less time
The LEM software supports all Cycle ergometer that can be set to the Lode 38k4 RS232 protocol and Lode treadmill.
The ergometers are devided into two classes , Bicycle and treadmill ergometers

Other changes
Test-Files are stored in a database in the application data directory to reduce errors and make it possible to work with multiple users on the same database.
Format for exporting and back upping files has been changed to zipped XML files.

Why should I upgrade from LEM 6 to LEM 7?

Upgrading from Lode Ergometry manager 6 to 7 delivers you the following added functionality

New Features
Added treadmill control to LEM. From this software version on it is possible to control the Lode treadmills with LEM.
The LEM Multi Bike control Module is now called Multi Control, Bicycle ergometers and treadmill ergometers can be used in the same environment at the same time. This is a good feature for a.o. rehabilitation.

How do I recharge the battery of the ECG streamer?

Besides charging the device with the USB charge cable (950792), there is a docking station (950840, optional) to charge four streamers at the same time. The red light indicates the state of the battery charging. This light is on during charging and off when charging finished.

How should I place the electrodes to obtain a proper Lead I and lead II ECG signal?

Placement of the electrodes: Red: right arm, 1st intercostal space, avoiding thick muscle Yellow: left arm, 1st intercostal space, avoiding thick muscle Green: left leg, 6th intercostal space Black: right leg ground electrode, 6th intercostal space Lead I: Red Electrode (right arm) and Yellow Electrode (left arm) Lead II: Red Electrode (right arm) and Green Electrode (left leg) See manual m950920 chapter 7 for a picture of the electrode placement.

Do I need special ECG electrodes for a cardiac rehab training?

It’s essential to use ECG electrodes which are suitable for stress testing. These electrodes have extra-strong adhesion and therefore stick better during exercise and/or testing. Use always 4 electrodes of the same brand, type and expiration date. The cheaper quality ECG electrodes for taking an ECG during rest will not stick enough when the patient starts to sweat.

Is it possible to lower the workload in case of a sudden SpO2 drop?

SpO2 can be used to control the load of the ergometer. In the tab “SpO2 ” you can choose to use SpO2 for automatic load adjustment and you can edit the settings (see manual LCRM 950902)