Productafbeelding LCRM upgrade to 16 licenses

LCRM upgrade to 16 licenses

Part number: 950903
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Easy to install

– Simple step by step installer
– Easy setup of ergometers
– Easy setup of subjects

Multifunctional software for all Lode ergometers

The software can be used for all Lode ergometers and treadmills, including their options like bloodpressure, heart rate, SpO2 etc.
Load as well as bloodpressure triggers can be set remotely.

Complete setup

The modular structure of the software combined with the accurate and reliable Lode ergometers offers a complete and modern ergometry setting.


Original Accessory

Accessory designed and manufactured according to the Lode company quality standards

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Frequently asked questions

Is an upgrade to a newer version of LCRM for free?

An upgrade to a newer version of software will give you more functionality, it’s not for free.
An update will give you small improvements and bug fixes, this is for free.