Productafbeelding Handrails, Side – Adjustable; Pediatric for Valiant 2 (yellow)

Handrails, Side – Adjustable; Pediatric for Valiant 2 (yellow)

Part number: 938812
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Easy to operate

For Lode products this means:
– easy to connect
– easy to move around
– easy user interface


Original Accessory

Accessory designed and manufactured according to the Lode company quality standards

  • Specifications
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Dimensions


adjustability range height600 - 763 mmadjustability range height
adjustability range width440 - 675 mm (17.32 kJ)adjustability range width


product weight37 kg (16.78 lbs)the weight of the product

Frequently asked questions

Is Lode recommending special disinfection procedures for the Lode products due to COVID-19?

Yes, Due to the fact that the scientific research on the spread of Covid-19 is not yet conclusive Lode recommends to disinfect and clean all Lode products and their accessories (cuffs, heart rate belts, SpO2 sensors, handgrips/rails, touchscreens etc) that are in contact with the patient and or the medical personnel with a standard disinfectant as used in the hospital before and after every patient, with attention and care!

Since these agents are sometimes aggressive it might be advisable to check the effect on sensitive surfaces, like cushioning on non-visible areas. Lode will not take responsibility for discoloration due to these agents.