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Brachumera Sport

Introducing the Lode Brachumera Sport: The Pinnacle of Arm Ergometry for sport Professionals!

Part number: 965911

Brachumera Sport

As esteemed medical professionals in the field of sports medicine, you understand the paramount importance of accuracy and reliability in assessment tools. For over a decade, the Brachumera Sport has held its ground as The Gold Standard in Arm Ergometry, providing you with unparalleled insights into athletes’ performance. However, as the world of sports medicine continually evolves, so must our tools. That’s why we have built the new Lode Brachumera Sport – an intelligent, advanced, and robust solution designed to meet the ever-changing demands of modern sports medicine and research.

Enhancing athletic performance

At the core of the Lode Brachumera Sport lies an unwavering commitment to excellence. This state-of-the-art arm-ergometer not only maintains the accuracy and reliability you’ve come to expect but also allows you to test all types of athletes. By intelligently utilizing human performance technology, this system enables athletes to optimize their training, ultimately leading to enhanced strength, endurance, and overall athletic skill.

Why the Brachumera Sport?

Extreme workload range of 10 - 3000 watt

This extraordinary peak workload is extremely suitable for sports medicine and testing the strongest athletes on their anaerobic power or isokinetic capacity. Combined with the low start workload of 10 Watt this ergometer will fit everybody.

Suitable for all types of athletes

All types of athletes can be tested on this ergometer. The ergometer can be used for various tests, like e.g. Wingate, Isokinetic, HIT and timetrials. Moreover CPET testing is possible.

Heavy Duty Design Arm Ergometer

The Brachumera Sport is designed for heavy duty sports medicine ergometry, without doing any concession on the esthetic, modern and robust design.

Product features

Extreme low start up load 10W

The extreme low start-up load of 10 watts and the adjustability in small steps of 1 watt make this ergometer perfectly suitable for many different applications. The standard control unit shows multiple ergometry parameters and you can determine your specific default setting and start-up menu.

Accurate over a long period of time

The Lode ergometers are supplied with an electro-magnetic braking mechanism of Lanooy (eddy current). The biggest advantage of this braking system compared to a friction braking system is the absolute accuracy and the accuracy over time. Moreover, friction braking systems have more wearing parts.

Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices

The Lode ergometers have digital interfaces and can be controlled easily by all known stress ECG and pulmonary devices available in the world. This is one of the reasons why the Lode ergometers are very popular worldwide.

Low noise

Due to accurate manufacturing and the careful choice of materials the product has an extremely low noise level.

Exchangeable pedals

The cranks of the ergometer are suitable for almost all available clip systems so cyclists can perform a test with their own favorite pedals.

Designed to be sweat-proof

The housing of the ergometer is designed in such way that sweat does not have the chance to drip into the mechanical parts and cables are protected. This ensures a long lifetime and makes the ergometer insensitive for malfunction.

LEM compatible

This product can be used with Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) software to manage data and to apply specific protocols when a Communication card is present

RS232 connectivity

RS232 ports enable connectivity to most ECG and ergospirometry devices as well as PC’s.

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Brachumera Sport possibilities

Enhance testing precision and athlete performance with Lode Brachumera Sport’s versatile accessories

The Brachumera Sport stands as a highly versatile and customizable arm-ergometer, complemented by a range of accessories to enhance its capabilities and cater to specific testing needs.

Opting for the Stand configuration with the Brachumera Sport provides versatility in training. The Brachumera is affixed to an adjustable backboard, accommodating various height preferences. The stand is robustly designed to endure the force exerted by an individual during pedaling, ensuring stability and safety. This configuration enables the test subject to engage in arm ergometry exercises seamlessly, whether in a standing or seated position, offering flexibility to tailor the workout to individual preferences and training objectives.

Another option available is the adjustable wall fixation for the Brachumera Sport. This setup facilitates nearly effortless lifting of the Brachumera within a 60cm range. It provides the flexibility for arm ergometry exercises in both standing and seated positions. As the name implies, this option is securely affixed to the wall, offering a stable and space-efficient solution for integrating the Brachumera into your workout space.

Furthermore, the Brachumera Sport presents an advantage by being able to exchange the cranks as an option. This functionality allows medical professionals to personalize the ergometer’s configuration according to each athlete.

Notably, the Brachumera Sport also offers integration with heart rate monitoring systems, a key advantage in many models. This pivotal functionality empowers medical professionals to closely monitor athletes’ heart rates during testing, providing valuable insights into their cardiovascular performance. By utilizing heart rate monitoring, a more comprehensive assessment of an athlete’s physiological response to exercise is achieved, ultimately supporting individualized training programs and optimized athletic performance.

Brachumera sport tests

The Brachumera Sport arm-ergometer is a versatile piece of equipment that allows for a wide range of tests related to arm and upper body exercise. Some of the common tests that can be performed on the Brachumera Sport include:

Wingate sprint test: The Wingate test evaluates anaerobic power and capacity. Athletes perform a short, all-out sprint on the ergometer, and their peak power output and fatigue resistance are measured.

High-Intensity tests (HIT): These tests involve brief, high-intensity exercises to assess an athlete’s performance and physiological responses during intense effort.

Time trials: Time trials measure an athlete’s performance over a specific distance or duration. This type of test is commonly used in various sports to assess an athlete’s fitness and progress over time.

Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET): The Brachumera Sport can be used to assess an athlete’s aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness during CPET.

Upper body ergometry: The ergometer can be used for general upper body exercise and fitness assessment, as well as rehabilitation for upper body injuries.

It’s important to note that the specific tests that can be performed on the Brachumera Sport may vary depending on the model and any additional accessories or software integration. Additionally, the tests mentioned above are not an exhaustive list, and researchers, coaches, and medical professionals may develop custom tests based on their specific needs and objectives.

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Minimum load 10 W the minimum load the ergometer can provide
Maximum peak load 3000 W the maximum load the ergometer can provide for a short period of time
Isokinetic workload control control ergometer in isokinetic way
Minimum load increments 1 W the smallest steps with which the load can be added
Hyperbolic workload control control of workload in hyperbolic way
Linear workload control control ergometer in a linear way
Fixed torque workload control control ergometer in a fixed torque way
Maximum rpm independent constant load 180 rpm rpm as to which constant load can be applied
Minimum rpm independent constant load 30 rpm rpm as from which constant load can be applied
Electromagnetic "eddy current" braking system system that very accurately applies a brake to the ergometer


Workload accuracy below 100 W 2 W accuracy of the ergometer below 100 Watt load
Workload accuracy from 100 to 1500 W 2 % accuracy of the ergometer between 100 and 1500 Watt
Workload accuracy 1500 - 3000 W 5 % accuracy of the ergometer between 1500 - 3000 Watt


Q-factor 147 mm Q-factor

User Interface

English user interface User interface available in English language
Czech user interface User interface available in Czech language
Danish user interface User interface available in Danishlanguage
Dutch user interface User interface available in Dutch language
Finnish user interface User interface available in Finnish language
French user interface User interface available in French language
German user interface User interface available in German language
Italian user interface User interface available in Italian language
Japanese user interface User interface available in language
Korean user interface User interface available in Korean language
Norwegian user interface User interface available in Norwegian language
Polish user interface User interface available in Polish language
Portugese user interface User interface available in Portugese language
Russian user interface User interface available in Russian language
Spanish user interface User interface available in Spanish language
Turkish user interface User interface available in Turkish language
Ukrainian user interface User interface available in Ukrainian language
Terminal operation mode operate with an external device
Screen size (diagonal) 17.8 cm (7 inch) diagonal size of the display
Touchscreen operation by touch screen


Control Unit with touch screen 7" for ergometer Can be controlled by the control unit 7"
Lode interface protocol Supports communication according to the Lode ergometer protocol
Ergoline P10 interface protocol Supports communication with Ergoline P10 protocol
Ergoline P4 interface protocol Supports communication with Ergoline P4 protocol
Schiller interface protocol Schiller-käyttöliittymäprotokolla
Bosch EKG 506 DS interface protocol Supports communication with Bosch EKG 506 DS Protokoll
USB connector connection via USB possible
RS232 out connector connection via RS232


product length (cm) 103 cm (40.6 inch) length of product in cm
product width (cm) 45 cm (17.7 inch) width of the product in cm
product height 54 cm (21.3 inch) height of product
product weight 57 kg (125.7 lbs) the weight of the product

Power requirements

V AC 100 - 240 V voltage in Volt
Phases 1 phases
Frequency 50/60 Hz frequency in Herz
Power consumption 160 W power consumption in Watt
Power cord length 250 cm (98.4 inch) length of powercord including plugs
Power cord IEC 60320 C13 with CEE 7/7 plug European power cord and connector standard supplied with product

Standards & Safety

IEC 60601-1:2012 the product is IEC 60601-1 edition 3.1 compliant
ISO 13485:2016 compliant Lode fulfils ISO 13485:2016 requirements
ISO 9001:2015 compliant Lode fulfills ISO 9001: 2015 requirements


Compliant to MDR 2017/745 This medical product complies to MDR 2017/745
CE class Im according to MDR 2017/745 CE class Im according to MDR 2017/745
CE class of product with optional SpO2 IIa CE class of product with optional SpO2
CE class of product with optional BPM IIa CE class of product with optional Blood Pressure Measurement

Environmental conditions

Minimum operational temperature 14 °C minimum temperature at which the device will work within specification
Maximum operational temperature 40 °C maximum temperature at which the device will work within specification
Minimum operational air pressure 80 kPa minimum airpressure as from which the product will be operating within specification
Maximum operational air pressure 106 kPa maximum air pressure as from which the product will be operating within specification
Minimum operational non-condensing humidity 30 % minimum non-condensing humidity at which the product will operate within specification
Maximum operational non-condensing humidity 90 % maximum non-condensing humidity at which the product will operate within specification
Minimum storage & transport temperature -20 °C minimum temperature the product may be stored and transported at
Maximum storage & transport temperature 60 °C maximum temperature the product may be stored or transported at
Minimum air pressure storage & transport 50 kPa minimum air pressure the product may be stored or transported at
Maximum storage & transport air pressure 106 kPa maximum air pressure the product may be stored and transported at
Min. humidity storage & transport 10 % minimum non-condensing humidity that the product can be stored or transport at
Max. humidity storage & transport 95 % max. non-condensing humidity that the product can be stored or transported at


m965911_21 Manual Brachumera Sport English

m965911_21 Manual Brachumera Sport Spanish


CE Certificate Stress Test and Force Measurement Devices

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Manufacturers Declaration of Conformity 27 Lode

IEC 60601-1:2005 – ed. 3 + C1 + C2 (cycle ergometers) certificate

FDA Registration certificate

ISO 13485: 2016 Certificate

LEM Demo Software

955900 LEM 10.15.1 Demo software

Dimension pictures

Brachumera with wallmount and automatic chair - sizes

Dimensions of the Stand for adjustable wall fixation Brachumera Sport

Frequently asked questions

Which languages are present in the North and South version of firmware for Corival, Angio, Brachumera and Excalibur?

North: English, Dutch, German, Finnish

South: English, Spanish, Italian, French

Can I change the contrast of the display on my Lode bicycle ergometer?

Your Lode ergometer is standard supplied with one display. The contrast of this display is factory set and can adjusted by qualified service personal only. If your ergometer is supplied with a programmable option the contrast of this display can be set as follows: go to SYSTEM PARAMETERS select SETTINGS go to CONTRAST. Change the visability according your wishes and save the changes.

Can the contrast of a single display bicycle ergometer be changed?

Yes, on the backside of the display there is a potentiometer. To have access to this potentiometer you have to remove the upper part of the control unit by removing the screws on the bottom side of the controlunit. ( see service manual for instructions) now you can access the potentiometer and adjust it according you wishes.

Can I mount Brachumera Sport to the wall.

Yes you can. There is even an accessory available that allows for easy height adjustment and an electric chair to adjust seating position.

Can I use a RS232 to USB converter to connect an ergometer?

Yes you can. Make sure the chipset used in the converter is from FTDI to have good data acquisition.
Not sure what this means? Contact us and we will help you to get the right converter.

Is Lode recommending special disinfection procedures for the Lode products due to COVID-19?

Yes, Due to the fact that the scientific research on the spread of Covid-19 is not yet conclusive Lode recommends to disinfect and clean all Lode products and their accessories (cuffs, heart rate belts, SpO2 sensors, handgrips/rails, touchscreens etc) that are in contact with the patient and or the medical personnel with a standard disinfectant as used in the hospital before and after every patient, with attention and care!

Since these agents are sometimes aggressive it might be advisable to check the effect on sensitive surfaces, like cushioning on non-visible areas. Lode will not take responsibility for discoloration due to these agents.

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