Privacy policy

Privacy Policy


Following the new regulations regarding the European GPDR, we have made a number of changes to our privacy policy. These changes are briefly shown below.

Lode B.V. is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors on our website. In particular the rights of visitors with regarding to automated processing of personal data. That is why we handle your contact details carefully and we will always treat them confidentially. We only process your personal data for the purpose with which you issue it.

We want to be completely transparent to our customers and other stakeholders. That is why we have implemented and formulated a policy regarding processing and inspection of personal data, the purpose of this data and the rights for those involved.

The current version of the privacy policy available on the website is the only version that applies as long as you visit the website, until a new version replaces the current version.

Article 1 – Legal provisions

  • Website (hereinafter also “The website”):
  • Responsible for the processing of personal data (Hereafter also: “The Administrator”): Lode B.V., established at Zernikepark 169747 AN Groningen, Chamber of Commerce number: 02038741.

Article 2 – Access to the website

Access to the website and use is strictly personal. You will not use this website, nor the data and information provided on it, for commercial, political or advertising purposes, or for any commercial offers and in particular do not use for unsolicited electronic offers.

Article 3 – Responsibilities

The administrator is in no case responsible for failures, malfunctions, difficulties or interruptions of the functioning of the website, as a result of which the website or one of its functionalities is not accessible. The way in which you connect to the website is your own responsibility. You must take all appropriate measures to protect your equipment and your data against, among other things, virus attacks on the internet. You are also responsible for the websites and the data you consult on the internet.

The administrator is not responsible for legal proceedings against you:

  • because of the use of the website or services accessible via internet
  • because of violating the conditions of this privcay policy.

The administrator is not responsible for any damage that you incur, or third parties or your equipment as a result of your connection to or use of the website. You will refrain from any action against the administrator as a result.

If the administrator becomes involved in a dispute as a result of your use of this website, he is entitled to recover from you any damage that he suffers as a result of which you are still suffering.

Article 4 – Collection of data

Your data is collected by Lode B.V. and external processors. Personal data means: all information about an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly, on the basis of personal characteristics such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier (IP address) or one or more characteristic elements of the physical, physiological , genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.

The personal data collected on the website is mainly used by the administrator for maintaining relationships with you and if necessary for processing orders. See article 6 for the detailed processing of your personal data.

Article 5 – Your rights regarding your data

Pursuant to Article 13 paragraph 2 sub b AVG everyone has the right to inspect and rectify or erase his personal data or limit the processing concerning him, as well as the right to object to the processing and the right to data portability. Look at the bottom of this page for detailed information on how you can use this right.

Article 6 – Processing of personal data

If certain information is necessary to gain access to certain functionalities of the website, the controller will indicate the mandatory character of this information at the time of requesting the data.

In concrete terms, this means the following:

  • For processing your contact or request for quotation;
  • To process an enrollment for one of our courses;
  • To keep you informed about activities and promotions of Lode B.V.

External processors

Lode B.V. makes use of the services of various parties that process personal data for us. These external processors include online marketing tools such as Google Analytics and Mailchimp. These tools are used exclusively for marketing purposes. When possible, we have signed a user agreement with these parties in which data retention periods have been agreed and in which it is clearly stated that Lode B.V. is responsible for the data.

In addition, the data that you send trough our website is processed by our mail server. Our website is hosted by the following party: This party is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, thus meeting the strict standards in the field of information security. Your data will in no way be forwarded to third parties.

Article 7 – Commercial offers

You can receive commercial offers from the administrator. If you no longer wish to receive it, you can unsubscribe. For more information on how to do this, scroll down to the unsubscribe form.

Article 8 – Storage period data

The data collected by the website administrator is used and stored for the duration as determined by law and in accordance with the security policy of Lode Holding (see last paragraph). The retention period has been agreed with external data processors in a processing agreement. You have the right to inspect the data retention period on the website and external parties. Do you want to know how long your data will be saved? Please contact us.

More information and how to contact us

A concise version of our security policy is explained in this privacy policy. Lode B.V. is part of Lode Holding and therefore implements the security policy that our parent company prescribes. You have full right to inspect this policy. If you wish to view this policy, you can contact our security officer. For additional information about the protection of personal data, please visit the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Questions, complaints and reactions

For questions, complaints or reactions regarding the above information, please contact us. If you wish to respond to our privacy policy or if you feel that our site or our actions are not in accordance with this, we also ask you to contact us. If you wish to delete your personal data from our system or if you no longer wish to be kept informed of our activities by means of e-mail marketing, you can unsubscribe by deleting your account.