HUR by Lode

HUR by Lode - Complete your HUR SmartTouch setup with Lode cardio equipment. Medical certified for active ageing, rehabilitation and inclusive wellness.

HUR SmartTouch is the perfect combination of HUR pneumatic strength training equipment, Lode medical ergometers and treadmills, and operating software.

Lode has a long-term experience in manufacturing medical equipment and continuous development to meet the changing requirements of the market. This makes Lode a flexible and reliable partner. Together we can transform your specific ideas and wishes into custom-made products, of which the partnership between HUR and Lode on providing HUR SmartTouch enabled cardio exercise devices is a great example.


Cardio with HUR by Lode Arm ergometer

CARDIO with HUR SmartTouch Arm Ergometer

967926 Hur by Lode Angio adjustable wallfixation

CARDIO with HUR SmartTouch Arm Ergometer with adjustable wall fixation


CARDIO with HUR SmartTouch Ergometer

HUR by Lode Recumbent

CARDIO with HUR SmartTouch Recumbent Ergometer


CARDIO with HUR SmartTouch Treadmill